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Welcome to The EV Yacht Club

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About Our Club

EV Yacht Club was founded in 2023 as the premier location in Los Angeles to enjoy excellent food, catch up with friends, take a swim, or practice your backhand. Our members make EV Yacht Club so special — they are a compilation of the finest residents in Huntington Beach many with long family histories at our Yacht Club.


Welcome to the EV Yacht Club, where luxury meets sustainability on the high seas. As a pioneering yacht club, we sail into the future with an exclusive fleet of all-electric vessels, setting a new standard for eco-friendly maritime experiences.


At EV Yacht Club, we believe in more than just sailing – we believe in sailing responsibly. Our cutting-edge fleet is powered by state-of-the-art electric propulsion systems, ensuring a serene and emission-free journey through the world's most breathtaking waters.


Our club isn't just about yachts; it's a community passionate about sustainable living and the thrill of the open sea. We invite you to join us in redefining luxury, where the elegance of yachting meets a commitment to preserving our oceans.


The heart of EV Yacht Club lies in our exclusive events hosted on board our electric vessels. From sunset cruises to weekend regattas, each gathering is a celebration of responsible luxury. Our members revel in the unique experience of sailing silently, surrounded by the beauty of nature without leaving a trace.


To extend the excitement beyond the horizon, we proudly introduce the EV Yacht Club TV Network. This digital platform showcases the best of our maritime adventures, interviews with industry leaders, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. As a member, you not only participate in events but also become a part of our growing brand, featured prominently on our exclusive network.


Join the EV Yacht Club and be a captain of change – where elegance, sustainability, and community converge on the pristine waters of the world.



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